Are You Booking Enough Intro's To Prosper (Instead Of Just Survive)? 

We Book Intros Using Facebook™ Ads and Proven Follow-up Messaging  Build Your Program (all on a single easy to use screen which you control)

Fill Your Classes...On Demand

The way parents purchase has changed...

RONA accelerated it, but that has created a massive NEW opportunity for you.

The prime location that delivered all that "walk in" traffic has been eliminated. 

Instead, you're competing against every other recreational activity, and you're one click, one swipe, one oops away from losing your new student to someone else.

Fortunately, we solved this problem for you!

(And proved it in more than 100 schools across the US)

  • How to talk to a parent online so they raise their hand?
  • What you "have to do", and what's the "nice to have" on Facebook?
  •  What do you say so you book 50-80% of your leads...so THEY schedule an intro (rather than the 10-15% that is normal).
  • Finally, how to make sure you perform your intro (or class) and hit the right points so that your conversions to paying students is 80-90%? 
  • And the most important question is...

Why are you trying to do this all manually & figure it out yourself? 

Yes, I'll Build & Launch The Whole System For you...

See How I Can Help Your Program... 

We focus on 3 phases:  Attract the right leads, Book Intros, and Enroll more students.

You dedicate 2-3 hours a week, use the system, and talk to people who raise their hands.

We'll build & deploy the Ultimate Enrollment Machine™...a professional marketing system FOR YOU!

 You get control of your student pipeline, connection to your parents, and a growing program in 10 days or less.

I'm still an active Instructor, and I've spent millions of dollars with Facebook™ Ads and marketing automation. 

My single goal was to build a system that was easy for you so you end up with an "on-demand" pipeline that enrolls students.

Just a couple of my clients: 

Every instructor I've ever met just wants to teach class. 

Every school's #1 growth factor is the number of new students you add the program.  

Every school must add new students to replace those that leave (and to grow).  

But...you're fighting a losing battle.  

Because you're literally giving away students to other schools who use Facebook™️ effectively.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

"We're booking 10 intro's a day with your system..." - Mr. Schmitt

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10,000 intro's booked (and growing) for both virtual and in-person classes!

3 Things You Don’t Need to Create an On-Demand Enrollment Pipeline: 

Here’s what’s NOT required to increase your Facebook™️ marketing (or increase your enrollments):

- You do NOT need to be some kind of Facebook™️ guru.  You don't have to spend years learning copywriting or technology, build a fancy website, or all the details of Facebook™ ads.  Instead, use your work ethic in a system (using many of your current skills) to serve as your foundation.

- You do NOT need to be a tech expert.  We created key messaging specifically for martial arts schools, and integrated it an easy-to-use software package.  Email, texting, follow-up, appt. calendar, and your funnel.  Everything consolidated, pre-configured, and setup for you.  We show you how to get the most of out of it, free up 4-8 hours a week, and enroll more students. 

- You do NOT need to be on Facebook™️ or Instagram™️ all the time.  You have classes and a school to run...plus an outside life.  You don't need a huge commitment of time to do it right.  Instead, you simply use a smart system to connect with people in a simple, non-threatening way.

46 Martial Arts school locations primarily located within the US:

- 75% reduction in lead cost

- Increased the number of leads booked for intros by 8X

-$14 of revenue for every $1 invested (in the first 30 days of running ads)

"Mr Pugsley helped us build a process for our schools that is highly successful, an 8X improvement.  He also genuinely cares about his results and won’t just throw your money at the wall to see if it sticks.  Anyone looking to up their marketing game, gain a deeper understanding of social media, and how to use it to increase enrollments.  I highly recommend." - Master Faett

Practical self defense based upon BJJ, Krav Maga, and PTK Kali

"Brandon has been my 'go-to' for marketing for several years now, and I recommend him frequently to my friends and fellow school owners.  We constantly use his coaching and copy across multiple programs.  Really excited to use this system across all our programs. Never been disappointed"  - Tony Linnabery (5h Degree Black Belt, Mataas Na Guro PTK)

Created 354 new student registrations in less than 12 months for an online Martial Arts program teaching a weapons based curriculum.

Almost 1,000 new leads for martial arts school clients since May 

"Brandon is very knowledgeable when it comes to effective marketing, and he has proven himself for many years.  P3 uses his marketing expertise for everything we do.  There’s no one else that I trust more and would recommend him to anyone looking for honest effective marketing strategies! - Jason Davis -  (Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Carlson Gracie), Mataas Na Guro Instructor in Pekiti Tirsia Kali,  Master Instructor in Tae Kwon Do)

"Brandon took our Krav program and helped us launch a seminar series that has continued to create students for us long after the event. Never been disappointed"